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I always had a passion for traveling. While I was in Paraguay I got the best souvenir idea from a fellow traveler in the hostel. Collecting my favorite book "Little Prince" from every country I travel to. I had great joy searching the "Little Prince" in book stores, flea markets everywhere I travel.

With the help of my friends that brought books for me from their travels, I had a small collection but my collection expanded faster when I met with other collectors in social media. Until then I didn't know that there were so many people who had the same passion as me. Thanks to the benefits of the internet I gathered around 450 books in 392 languages by purchasing or exchanging books.

As my collection was expanding I realized that my collection doesn't consist of books but also memories, friends and hardwork. Each book in my collection has a memory or a friend which makes me smile when I look at it.
Little Prince introduced me to wonderful people in recent years. I met translators that had the chance to translate their favorite book to their native language. I met humble embassy workers, consulates that spend time to find the book for me in the countries they work. I met random people from facebook or instagram that shared my passion and spend their time to find the book in their native languages. Even my first date with my wife was a "Little Prince" exhibition.

Beside wonderful people I also had to chance to learn about different cultures as well. Little Prince is currently translated around 430 different languages and dialects. Little Prince can speak the languages of tribes in Africa or islanders in Caribbean or mountain people living in Himalayas. Seeing different alphabets from all around the world, finding similar words in languages with common roots or seeing how artists illustrate "Little Prince" based on thier cultural backgrounds reminds me how big and how colorful the world is.

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